If you are here it's for several reasons:

  • You just want to change your hairstyle. 
  • You want dreadlocks, but you don't know where to start.
  • You already have dreads but maintenance is really difficult.

Having dreadlocks myself, ⁣I decided to put all the chances on your side by guaranteeing you very good results, just by revealing several things like:

  • The different technics that exist to start your dreadlocks easily. 
  • The actions to apply daily to ensure the good growth of your hair.
  • The best products you need to use in my opinion.

All this directly in a book... However you can still check out my blog.

The two best blog ⁣⁣posts to read !

How to make dreadlocks on frizzy hair?


To be able to make Dreadlocks it takes a certain length of hair.

And yes you won't get any results if you have a ball to zero.

Personally I started my Dreadlocks with about 10 cm of hair which wasn't much but, enough to start with. 

If you don't want to compare your Dreads to the local Mcdo fries, ⁣⁣ be patient... 

How to maintain your dreadlocks?


Do you want to maintain your dreadlocks and keep them resplendent? 

This hairstyle requires regular maintenance if you want it to last longer. 

Regardless of the length and thickness of your dreadlocks, you need to remember to take care of their tips and roots with the right gestures... 

Who am I?

Hello my name is MARVILLE Grégory, I started in the world of blogging simply to share with others my experiences.

Here I mainly talk about dreadlocks because I have them and I have found that there are many people who want to make them, and even know how to maintain them. 

It wasn't something CRAZY to me but when I saw this person who kept looking at my dreadlocks, saying ⁣⁣"i like," I knew there was something to do. 

That's why I created this blog to teach people how to make dreadlocks, and simply maintain them.

For the more curious I recently created a book that will simply know several ⁣technical to make dreads as well as the life that we lead with this hairstyle.

All this to say that you'll learn a lot about me.

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