How do you maintain your dreadlocks?

Do you want to maintain your dreadlocks and keep them resplendent?

This hairstyle requires regular maintenance if you want them to last longer.

Whatever the length and thickness of your dreadlocks, you need to think about taking care of their tips and roots with the right gestures.


step by step


Here are four main steps:




Having beautiful dreadlocks makes you want to touch them, solicit them or knead them frequently.

However, this is not recommended at all, especially when they are still new, as they can unravel quickly.

However it will be necessary to touch them to round them when of course, your dreads will have already taken shape.

This means that between the palms of your hands you will have to put a wick and you will have to make the same movement as the photo below.


round dreadlocks


In addition, the hands are sometimes too aggressive and can damage your locks.

If you feel like touching your dreadlocks, touch them. But be careful, don’t do it all the time.

When regrowth, you’ll need to use a hook or simply turn your locks by taking back the roots.

That is to say, you will have to turn your existing dreads with your regrowths so the hair that has grown since.

This will allow you to keep a neat look of your dreads, so pretty squares drawn on your skull.



The treatment of the dreadlocks is done in two stages, At the root level, the hair grows and must be integrated into the locks.

Maintaining dreadlocks also means using a number of products.

To do this, add natural oil, preferably castor, coconut or jojoba, and crumple regularly with your fingers.

This action allows the dreadlocks to be maintained by moisturizing them. At the tips, especially if your hair is frizzy, round the tips and rotate them so that they lose the same shapes for a long time.

You understand that you still have to apply some “miraculous” products to increase hair growth by two meters a day, and even that will allow your dreadlocks to form at the speed of light.


I’m not here to sell a dream or anything!

I’ve already read a lot of information, hair recipes that claims that Eggs, Chips, Tomato Sauce and a handful of salt can change your life.

But wait, you probably guessed I slightly exaggerated.



washing hair


To wash dreadlocks, apply a natural and soft product. If you choose shampoo, use organic and nutritious products.

These are products that do not contain paraben or detangling. Be sure to use a shampoo that suits your hair type: dry, greasy, damaged, etc.

If you opt for a natural soap, a soap from Marseille or Aleppo, will do the trick. Drying in nature, these soaps allow your locks to stay in place. Always, make sure you always stick to the right dosage.

You do not have to make shampoos all the time, 1 to 2 times a week remains very suitable.

You will often hear that you have to wash your dreadlocks once or twice a week and I can tell you that’s true and wrong!

Imagine several days without washing your hair, personally I tried with my frizzy hair but this remains impossible. So I wash them almost every day and at the moment I’m not disappointed with the result.

However when you have smooth hair it’s complicated, yes if you want dreadlocks while washing your hair every day, I can tell you that you will lose confidence. So don’t wash them all the time.

During washing you don’t have to put on gloves or anything, after all it’s your hair.

Maintaining dreadlocks is good but, it is still important not to assault them.

Once you have put on your favorite products, when washing you have no special movement to make. You still have to rinse well.

Indeed, soapy water promotes the development of fungi if it is not well rinsed.

As far as washing is concerned, it is still like a conventional wash.

Keep in mind that dreadlocks tend to absorb odors, dust and hair becomes greasy quickly.

It is necessary to remove as much water as possible in your hair at night as this may damage it over time.




Yes we come back, to properly maintain his dreadlocks it is also important to nourish your hair, so to use the right products.

So I have to tell you what are these famous products that I use.

I put you at the bottom of each product a link or image.

You can order them if you wish and I make it clear with you friends that I will be commissioned on sales.


I want to point out that castor oil and coconut oil are two products that are used but not only for hair. That’s why I still invite you to use them whether it’s for your skin, weight loss etc…


Castor oil

What is castor oil to begin with?

Like many vegetable oils (coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil…) used for beauty products (mask, care…) or for wellness, castor oil (also known as “castor oil” in English) is non-food.

It is obtained from castor seeds. It also has a rather greasy appearance, making it a very moisturizing and nourishing product for skin, hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, beard or even nails.

This oil gives a revival to your hair even when it is dry or brittling. It can therefore be said that it nourishes your hair.

It also contributes to the good growth of your hair and strengthens the hair fiber, which is very interesting in our case.

We mustn’t overdo it either!

I use it 1 to 2 times a week, for washing it is you who see, it all depends on your hygiene.

I hear you have to wash your hair once or twice a week but personally my skull will suffer with itching.

That’s why I wash them four to five times a week, see every day. If you are wearing your hair you reduce the frequency, which avoids losing your hairstyle.

So far I’m not disappointed with the result, but after all times you don’t want to wash them every day it’s vote choice 🙂

You can find this oil in pharmacies, stores that sell hair products or order it in the link below.

Find this product here:Cold pressed Ricin oil – 1 litre – 100% pure, vegan, hexane-free, GMO-free


Coconut oil

What is coconut oil?

Just like castor oil, it nourishes the hair deeply. It’s a real treat for dry hair and frizzy hair. It is relatively oily and keeps the hair supple.

This oil will also give them back all their brilliance and vigour. Moreover it can be used in oil bath or mask before shampooing for example.

Why have it too?

For me the two oils complement each other and I can make a mixture of the two products, which does not hurt.

Find this product here:Coco Organic Oil – 1L


YARI Gel-Wax fast locks

This YARI gel allows you to fasten your hair quickly and easily to start and keep your dreadlocks or twists intact!

If you are having trouble keeping your hairstyle well drawn, I highly recommend this gel. Plus it also leaves a nice smell in your hair, which is really great!

Find this product here:


Hair milk

Maintaining dreadlocks also means using extra product!

Failing to put castor oil, I put this hair milk because it is less fat then it revitalizes dry hair and protects it from aggression. The hair is nourished, shiny and supple.

The jojoba found in this milk brings vitality and provides a natural shine to the hair.

98% natural origin – paraben-free – silicone-free – mineral oil – Ideal for chemically treated hair (relaxed, softened and/or coloured)

Frankly what is really top is its smell and it’sreally a very good product I guarantee you.

Find this product here:

There is no miracle, just good products to use 🙂


Crochet braid


Personally the recovery of my roots is made only with this accessory.

I would like to inform you that‘You don’t have to do it all the time. I’m very much insisting on that, because you risk breaking your dreads.

What does that mean?

At first it is necessary to make large squares when you start vanilla (see other article), because your dreads tend to fine-tune slightly over time.

You can make a hook but in an interval of about 6 months, it also depends on whether your hair grows very fast or not.

It’s when you get as much regrowth as possible, that you’ll know you’re going to have to make a hook.

That is about the length of your earpiece, hoping you don’t have giant hands.

Find this product here:




debut dreadlocks frizzy hair





dreadlocks frizzy hair



You now know the products I use to maintain my dreadlocks to contribute to the good growth of my hair.

I’m not guaranteeing you a miracle, of course it depends on your hair. I know people who have hair that grows outright too fast and others… Here you get it!

You just have to persevere, especially not listening to those who say that your hair will not grow, I am proof of that.

To sum up you just need a good use of the products and patience.

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