dreadlocks on smooth hair

How to make Dreadlocks on smooth hair?

What is smooth hair?


smooth hair


Dreadlocks on smooth hair ok, but what does “smooth hair” really mean?

By definition smooth hair refers to hair that falls straight without forming curls or waves. It can be said that straight hair is therefore the ones that are smooth.

This is one of the reasons why it is a little more difficult to make dreadlocks on smooth hair as one would like.


How do I get started?



frizzy hair


Just like frizzy hair you can do by letting your hair grow naturally without touching it, until your hair eventually gets tangled and forms dreadlocks.


Remember that we are talking about smooth hair, it means that you may wait very very very but really long before getting dreadlocks. Above all, you may face hygiene problems.

This can be good for evil, why?

  • Evil, because if you are an impatient person I advise you to give up because in the end you will no longer want to do them, or you will think that you locks will never form.


  • Well, because you are a patient person, who needs to see evolution and who will ultimately rejoice when she sees the journey. Or also because you don’t necessarily want to use techniques you don’t master.

So the method that is often done is called crepe.


Crepe comb for frizzy and smooth hair


What is this method?

For this you will need only four things:

  • A comb
  • A hook
  • One or more good products
  • Patience

Rest assured I don’t talk about the same patience to have when you make dreadlocks in “negligence” mode as they say.

So there are several steps to follow for this:

  • Make a wick
  • Using the comb
  • Solidification with crochet
  • Application of the product or products to maintain its Dreadlocks




As a reminder, a strand is a square reserved and well drawn in your hair that will be used either to make vanillas, braids or dreadlocks.

So of course you must first reserve a square, for my part your square or wick should make the thickness of your thumb.

Better to have a rather thick start. What for?

As your dreadlocks change shapes, it meansthey can stay as they did at the beginning, swell or shrink.

In addition, as you will have a good thickness, this will prevent your future dreadlocks from breaking when you have to solidify your locks with the hook.





As you can see it is also possible to use the pancake comb to make your dreadlocks on smooth hair.

The pancake comb first allows you to give volume to certain areas of the hair. it can be used for smooth hair, as well as frizzy hair.

In our case we will use it to create our dreadlocks quickly and efficiently.

  • Start by delineating your square. That is, you will divide your scalp into boxes of equal size. The bigger your square, the more likely you are to get big locks.

I advise you to make an average box because your dreadlocks will tend to swell or shrink which can cause problems later on.

  • Take that famous strand of hair and start pancaked by combing the skull. That is to say that you will simply do as this you untangle your mas hair in the opposite direction (from the tip of the strand to the root).



Start doing this gesture about 2 cm from your skull after 4 cm and so on. You have to make it up until you get to the end of the wick.

  • Trim the knots you get, especially at the root.

By repeating this action several times you should see hair tangling on all sides.



Ps: I advise you to get help if you are not comfortable

Surely your wick won’t be the same as before and it’s still a good sign. If you see your wick look like straw, you’re on the right track.

Find this product here:https://amzn.to/2UGzVsh




Once you’ve tangled your wick, you need to bringa hook like below, a hook with a spade can also be enough.



I put a link here where you can order this product: https://amzn.to/2wHWx38

By reproducing round trips,you will be able to solidify your lock twice as much and recover the hair that goes in all directions for a clean rendering.

When you do this, you realize it from your skull to the tip of your wick.

We will call “chichi” hair that goes in any direction.

So once the maximum of fuss are pretty much well tangled with your dreadlocks you can move on to the next step.




Good product choice is for me a real problem for most people.

We’ve all wondered what is or are the right products to use for your dreadlocks.

In our current case we will see which products can be effective to have a good final rendering.

The products I recommend are in the two photos below:


Find the locking cream wax here: https://amzn.to/2ZXUQcM

Find the Yari Fast gel here: https://amzn.to/39o4oAI

The yari fast locks gel is a product mainly used when you want to do your hair and have a very clean finish.

You can use this product to limit the fuss in your locks when you already have well-trained locks.

As for locking wax cream, it will be more useful when you start your dreads.

You will put some of this gel in the palm of your hand and so apply it to your wick and all this by performing a friction.

Don’t panic, I’ll explain!

In both hands, you will insert your wick and do as you rub your hands.

This movement you will make will initially allow you to assemble the chichi to your wick evenly (which will make your wick more aesthetic).

In a second time to simply round your wick.

This will be a move you should make if you want to keep your dreadlocks fairly rounded.

It is not an obligation but it is something you can do from time to time.



I still want to tell you after applying the gel, do not wash your hair right away.

It would be wise for me to wash them slightly two days later,then apply the gel again and so on.

Remember that you have smooth hair, a deep wash and goodbye dreadlocks!

As soon as you see that your dreadlocks stay in place, you can make a shampoo.

Be careful, no detangling shampoo otherwise your dreads will not last and you will be disappointed.

A good, shea-based, menthol shampoo or shampoo you already have at home can be enough.

As soon as it is not detangling, I insist.

I hope this article helped you if you have any questions you can leave a comment or email me 🙂

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