How do you start and maintain dreadlocks from A to Z?


You also want dreadlocks in a simple and effective way without taking the lead?

Perfect, this book is for you!

Having dreadlocks myself, I decided to put all the odds on your side by revealing:

  • The different techniques that exist to start your dreadlocks easily.
  • Actions that I apply every day to ensure the proper growth of my hair.
  • The best products in my opinion that you should use.

So what are you waiting for?



In some cases natural dreadlocks form on their own if hair is left to grow, which is why brushes, razors, and scissors can be done without.

They can also be done with a comb or hook, or simply by tying them with your hands. Maintaining hair hygiene is OBLIGATORY,this helps to avoid having filthy critters in your hair.

Yes I insisted on the word “compulsory” because you know there are people who think that having good hair hygiene is optional.

Dreads have been around for a very long time. Over the years, people have found a number of ways to start and maintain its dreadlocks.

Some people know these tricks to do and others don’t!

In this ebook, I will tell you first of all the history of dreadlocks, the prejudices that can be had, their future in the world and the different methods that will allow you to realize and maintain them.

Of course, I will reveal techniques that I have used myself and others that you cannot even imagine exist.


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