What are dreadlocks?

What is this tangled hair that represents a hairstyle, do not move! I’m clearing up this.

We call this hairstyle Dreadlocks, look how this woman wear them beautifully.




Dreadlocks, Dreads or Locks are strands of hair tangled by definition.

This hairstyle is suitable for any type of hair nevertheless, having frizzy hair makes the stain easier. The characteristics of such hair mean that your dreads will form not in a flash but faster than on smooth hair.

After this announcement I feel that there will still be some people disappointed but, don’t worry. If this woman could have had her Dreadlocks with her smooth hair, you too may have the same thing.

And the same for frizzy hair I will not guide you a step and, you can eventually have dreadlocks as perfect as mine.


Dreadlocks naturelles

Natural Dreadlocks naturelles form on their own if hair is left to grow, which is why we can do without brushes,razors, and scissors. ciseaux



They can also be done with a comb or hook, or simply by tying them with your hands.

Maintaining hair hygiene is OBLIGATORY, it helps to avoid having filthy critters in your hair. Yes I insisted on the word “compulsory” because you know there are people who think that having good hair hygiene is optional.


Synthetic Dreadlocks

Les dreadlocks synthétiques se forment en crêpant des fibres de Kanekelon, une matière qui se présente sous forme de mèches de cheveux synthétiques. Ce sont les copies conformes des dreadlocks naturelles.



Unlike natural Dreads, they are not directly in your hair. If you don’t dare make real Dreads for fear of changing your mind one day or, if you want the opportunity to change your mind whenever you want, synthetic Dreadlocks are for you.

But I want to make it clear that it is quite possible to remove your real Dreads and not necessarily make a ball to zero. However it takes a long time, you will need a huge patience.

Dreadlocks – smokers?

Wouldn’t you have a cigarette for me?

I remember how many times I have been asked this famous question.

Of course wearing Dreadlocks doesn’t mean we smoke or, that we’re the biggest thugs on the planet, far from the. So we have to stop having those kinds of beliefs and think that we are all the same.


Dirty people wear dreadlocks?


It’s true that I love having lots of critters, dust in my hair.

Of course NO. I have always been taught to take care of myself and, like you I like to get up in the morning and not stress at the idea of having a foul smell around me.

This could possibly prevent the future woman of my dreams from approaching me.

What makes me laugh is that before, I thought the same thing as some person, I said no. I will not do it’s dirty, it’s impossible.

Once I made the decision to try, I quickly realized that it still requires a lot of interviews. That’s how I found that it’s our fault that we make the decision to keep our hair dirty or not.

And ask you as a question why should I do it. Maybe you want to do it but you’re afraid to cross the line.

In my next article, I’ll explain how to make Dreadlocks on frizzy hair in a simple and effective way without breaking the bank, very quickly 😉








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